Lynx Systems provides a comprehensive, fully-integrated business solution designed to streamline operations and bolster security.


Our sophisticated system grants you centralized control and monitoring capabilities through a user-friendly mobile interface. With effortless precision, you can fortify your security, access live video streams, oversee employee access, and optimize energy consumption, among other functionalities.


Our integrated solutions empower you to orchestrate intricate scenarios, such as capturing video clips and disarming alarms when a user swipes a card to unlock a door. This level of integration simplifies activity management and fortifies the security of your facility, ensuring a seamless and robust business environment.​


Smart Access Control

Automation Services

Intelligent Business Security Solutions​

Our comprehensive system provides round-the-clock vigilance, detecting unauthorized access, and alerting you in real-time to potential security breaches. With advanced sensors, motion detectors, and access control, you can fortify your premises and monitor every entry point.

Business Analytics

Video Solutions with Business Intelligence

With our advanced system, you can efficiently manage and monitor access to your premises with a seamless blend of technology and convenience. Features include keyless entry, remote access management, and real-time monitoring, providing you with unparalleled control over who enters your facility.​

With our comprehensive suite of solutions, businesses can seamlessly manage security, access control, energy management, and more, all through a centralized, user-friendly interface.​ Take your enterprise to the next level with our advanced solutions.

This advanced analytics platform leverages data from your security and automation systems to deliver actionable business insights. By monitoring trends, patterns, and key performance indicators, it enables informed decision-making and improved efficiency.​

Gain unparalleled insight into your operations with features such as real-time video monitoring, smart alerts, and customizable reporting. Detect unusual activity, track employee movements, and monitor customer behavior with precision. 

Business Insights 

Get visibility into business activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use and more. Easy-to-understand reports let you quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes. 

Multi-System Access

Control all your properties (and systems at those properties) wit a single log-in. Our Enterprise solution allows you to manage multiple locations from one centralized dashboard. 

Unique User Codes

Manage employee access to your business across multiple locations with unique user codes. Remotely add or delete codes with ease without calling the alarm company or using the keypad.

Keeping You Aware

Did someone go into your office? How about the inventory room? Or the server room? Get notifications from your smart security system that keep you informed in real-time. Distinguish between real and false alarms and confirm your business opened on time. 

Fully Integrated Access Control

Efficiently manage permissions for all the access points to your business. It's easy to create and delete users and also to remotely lock or unlock doors. Plus, with our new feature, Mobile Credentials, you can allow users to access specific doors with their smartphone. 

Protect your business with security that goes the extra step to keep you aware and in control — from anywhere.​​


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