LYNX Systems, LLC is a full service electrical contractor with a team of licensed electricians. We provide the following services to homeowners and businesses in the Southington area:


  • Upgrades of electrical boxes and outlets
  • Repairs on broken wires and hot switches and sockets
  • Troubleshooting and repairs due to flickering lights
  • Installation and replacement of ceiling fans
  • Design and Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • Installation of wiring and outlets for new construction, commercial or residential
  •  Installation of home security systems
  • and More


The safety and comfort of people who rely on electricity is very important at LYNX Systems, LLC. We take all precautions seriously and observe all codes and laws. We will respond to emergency calls and work with any builder who needs electrical services. 

A warm welcome from a home with adequate outdoor lighting
Lynx Systems has upgraded many fuse boxes to circuit breakers
We design as well as install indoor lighting
Recessed lighting and other special effects available for your home or office

get an electrician to service your home or office in southington

Being a full service electrical contractor means we work outside, too
Experienced electrician installing wires in a new addition
We do every wiring job right the first time

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