Lynx Systems, LLC is the premiere residential and commercial electrical service company in the Harwinton area. Whether you need to upgrade your electrical service, install security and fire alarms, or enhance your lighting, we can help you.
No job is too big or too small. If you just want us to install a new electrical outlet or replace your noisy old ceiling fan, we are here to provide quality service. We also have the knowledge and experience to work on larger projects such as rewiring the house or office building, adding outdoor lighting, and making improvements to kitchens and bathrooms. How about amenities such as recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting? We also provide these services for builders at new construction sites.
We can help you after electrical emergencies happen in the Thomaston area, even after severe storms. The most technologically advanced security and fire alarm systems require an electrical contractor to install them. We also know how inconvenient frequent power failures can be, so ask us about the right generator for your home or commercial building.​​

Everything will look brighter when you get our electrical services in Harwinton
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LYNX Systems is a full service electrical contractor indoors and outdoors
We do electrical work right the first time
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