LYNX Systems offers full electrical service in Plainville including new installations, troubleshooting and repairs. Our mission is to keep you safe and comfortable. In homes and offices all over Connecticut we have replaced outdated service boxes in basements. We also get calls to take care of flickering lights, hot electric outlets and other problems. LYNX Systems is also the company to call when you need electrical wiring for amenities such as a heated driveway, swimming pool, hot tub, home theater, landscape lighting and ceiling fans. We do the wiring and installations for security features such as fire alarms, security cameras and access control systems. In addition, we can be a big help when you reorganize or move your office. A licensed electrician makes a difference when it's time for cubicle wiring and telephone and data installations.


Quality electrical work and customer satisfaction are very important to us. We believe in helping people have safe, convenient access to electrical power sources. Not only do Plainville residents and business owners rely on us for electrical solutions. We gladly provide electrical wiring services for builders and other home improvement specialists.

Security lights make your home look nice and provide a feeling of safety
Electric service upgrades will keep your building up to code and make it safer
Brighten up your new home or office addition with one of our lighting solutions at LYNX Systems
You'll need an electrician for many special amenities


Quality electrical work from the ground on up
Use only a licensed electrician to help with home building projects
We are wiring experts in homes old and new

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