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At LYNX Systems our mission is to protect the citizens of Southington with state-of-the-art alarm systems. We can wire your home from basement to attic and hook everything up to an alarm. An invasion through a door or window will be detected by someone at our central office. We will call the police for you. If you choose one of our home automation systems, the good news is that there are things such as flashing lights that could deter every criminal from the trespasser to the home invader.


For the best protection, we recommend a security camera with a video recorder. Quality has improved since the days when black-and-white, grainy, pixelated images made it hard for the police to detect the criminal. We provide the highest quality IP (Internet Protocol) POE (Power Over Ethernet) HD 1080p cameras at a reasonable price. Link it to an up-to-date Network Video Recorder (NVR) for professional quality security in the home or office. You will be informed about options that can track traffic through specified zones and be controlled remotely from your phone. 


It is important to protect your Southington home from fires as well as criminals. Smoke alarms are fine when you're home and can use a fire extinguisher or call 911, but they aren't enough when you're out of the house. They won't protect your pets and the possessions you love the most, either. One of the contemporary fire alarm systems we install is sophisticated enough to detect where the fire started and where it is going. The fire department will be called.




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