Advanced Home Security Solutions​

Lynx Systems proudly offers a diverse range of advanced security solutions. Our integrated platform seamlessly combines security, video surveillance, and home automation services into one cohesive system. 


With our platform, you gain the ability to manage your entire home from a single, user-friendly interface accessible from anywhere in the world. This integrated service empowers you to harmonize all your home electronics, facilitating the creation of personalized scenarios, schedules, triggers, and scenes.


For instance, when you activate the 'away' mode, our system will automatically lock all doors, adjust thermostats, deactivate lights, and provide immediate notifications if any person, vehicle, or animal enters your premises. 


By choosing Lynx Systems, you not only elevate your home security but also establish the groundwork for a fully customized and connected home experience. Experience unmatched control and convenience in managing your home with Lynx Systems.

Intrusion Solutions

24/7 monitoring, customized options, and smart integration, our systems are designed to deter potential intruders and provide instant alerts in case of a breach. Experience the convenience of user-friendly interfaces and stay in control of your home's security. 

Video Surveillance with Analytics

It offers intelligent alerts, precise motion detection, and person recognition, ensuring you're informed about genuine security events. You can customize alerts, enjoy 24/7 monitoring, and seamlessly integrate with other smart devices for a comprehensive home security solution. 

Home Automation

Advanced home automation solutions for residences, putting control and convenience in homeowners' hands. With features like smart thermostats, lighting control, keyless door locks, and integrated security systems, homeowners can easily manage their home environment and security remotely through a user-friendly app. ​

Residential Fire

With advanced sensors and monitoring, it swiftly identifies the presence of smoke or rising temperatures, triggering immediate alerts to both residents and monitoring professionals. In case of emergency, this critical system can also activate automated responses, such as unlocking doors or turning on lights to aid evacuation. 

Video Doorbells

With these smart devices, homeowners can see, hear, and interact with visitors remotely through their mobile devices. Features like motion detection, two-way audio, and video recording ensure that you never miss a moment at your front door. Upgrade your front door security with our Video Doorbells.

Integrated Security Solutions

Comprehensive integrated security solutions for homeowners, combining smart doorbell cameras, motion and door/window sensors, and 24/7 professional monitoring. Beyond security, our system seamlessly integrates with home automation, allowing remote management. 

Protect your home with security that goes the extra step to keep you aware and in control — from anywhere!​​

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