Our electricians at LYNX Systems can help you prevent or cope with the emergencies people in Cheshire often face. If everyone else's lights are on and yours is not, give us a call. No electrical job is too big or too small. If you just want us to install a new electrical outlet or replace your noisy old ceiling fan, LYNX Systems is here to satisfy you. We also provide other services such as rewiring, outdoor lighting, and lighting design. State-of-the-art security and fire alarm systems require an electrical contractor to install them, too. We also know how inconvenient a power outage can be, so ask us about which generator is right for you.


Our mission is to make electric power usage in Cheshire safe and efficient. No sign of trouble should be ignored. If you detect an unusual burning smell, feel a hot light switch, have dimming or flickering lights, see sparks when putting a plug into an outlet or have to replace fuses too often, LYNX Systems is the right company to call. Problems that are neglected can result in fires or personal injury. As with most other home repairs, a problem ignored too long can result in higher repair costs.


A well lit home that looks good at night provides additional security
Get an electrical service upgrade for safety's sake
LYNX Systems is your lighting design expert
A licensed electrician is your best bet when you want special lighting for your home or office


LYNX Systems will provide electrical hookups to connect with an electric power service in Cheshire
Use only a licensed electrician to help with home building projects
Call us when you need electrical wiring and hookups for a new construction project

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