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At LYNX Systems we have licensed electricians who are able to perform upgrades, repairs and lighting design in Cromwell. Call us if you need to bring the electrical box in your home up to code. We also do electrical work for all kinds of  fire alarms, burglar alarms, home automation systems, outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, ceiling fans and A/V systems. We work on homes old and new. In addition, if you have experienced frequent power outages, talk to us about hooking up a generator.


We install sensational lighting control systems in homes and outdoor living spaces throughout Cromwell.​ We provide a Lutron control system which is accessible from your tablet or smart phone. Lights not only create good ambiance. You can make sure all of the lights get shut off without running around the house before you go to bed, either, then appreciate the convenience of seeing them go on in the morning. What's more, lights that are activated by motion will usually chase an intruder off the property.


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