LYNX Systems, LLC wants to give more customers in Torrington the best electrical repairs and installations. We do both residential and commercial work. No job is too big or too small. Fast, reliable work and great customer service are important to us. We believe in helping people get the power they need to be safe and feel comfortable.
We encourage people to upgrade their electrical boxes and outlets. As a matter of fact, if you still have fuses and want to sell your home, you will be required to make an upgrade. We also stress safety in homes and businesses. We will respond to the the kinds of electrical emergencies that are not just a nuisance but could be dangerous. If you notice flickering lights, hot electrical outlets and switches, and the smell of burning wires, get an electrician right away. 
Our electricians at LYNX Systems are also eager to help people get electrical hookups for the security and amenities they want. We install ceiling fans, home lighting systems, home theaters, and security systems. We make sure hot tubs, washers and dryers will run safely. We also do subcontracting work for builders and home improvement contractors in Torrington.​

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