Burglar and Fire Protection for Your Home


Even the best neighborhoods of Rocky Hill have had their fair share of crime. LYNX Systems will provide the best solution, a contemporary burglar and fire alarm. We can wire your entire home and link it to an alarm. When an invasion occurs through a door or window, the alarm will send a signal to our central office. We will call the police. If you choose one of our home automation systems in addition to a security system, the good news is that there are things such as flashing lights that could deter the trespasser on your property.


A security camera with a video recorder is additional protection we recommend for your Rocky Hill residence. In the old days black-and-white, grainy, pixelated images make it hard for the police to detect who the culprit was. Now in the 21st century we give you the highest quality IP (Internet Protocol) POE (Power Over Ethernet) HD 1080p cameras at an affordable price. Link any camera to an up-to-date Network Video Recorder (NVR) for professional quality security at home. Select options that can track traffic through specified zones, all remotely controlled from your mobile device or tablet. 


Every Rocky Hill home should have a fire alarm, too. Smoke detectors are fine when you're home and can use a fire extinguisher or call 911, but they aren't enough when the house is empty. Think about the safety of your pets and the possessions you treasure the most. One of the sophisticated fire alarm systems we install can communicate information about where the fire started and where it is going. The fire department will be called.



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Burglar and fire alarms have come a long way
How about a security system that lets you see your doors and the yard?
LYNX cannot prevent a fire but our fire alarm system is very reliable.
You will like working with one of our technicians trained and supervised by us at  LYNX
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